Message from the

Message from the President 2022 – Safdar Iqbal

I was honoured to be elected President of International Lawyers Association on 21 July 2022.

On behalf of the core committee (Board of Directors) and our members, I would like to thank former president, my predecessor, for everything he has done as President of the ILA for the last 1 year.

He safely guided the ILA through the difficult situation of the COVID pandemic and initiated actions such as the highly successful zoom seminars and improvements to the related sources.

It is my intention to carry on where former president has left off. I will revive productive and optimistic collaboration and dialogue with our regulators and the Law Society. I will endure to indorse engagement with our members and further enhancements to the ILA website, complementing new descriptions that will be of assistance to our members. This will include a communicating opportunity tools, where members can converse with each other, learn from one another, and insinuate cases to each other. I would welcome all suggestions.

I am also pleased to declare that the directors have agreed to take on the important roles each which will also shape up the basis of wellbeing of members.

The solicitor’s indemnity fund (SIF) closure is a key issue that affects practices. we will continue to act in our members interests with the current consultation manner. It is primary in my mind that a significant number of those affected by the closure of SIF are former practitioners who have retired and closed their practices. Their runoff cover will by now have expired and they will not be able to obtain any future insurance cover. This also of course affects members of the public who will be unable to obtain recompense where required, should the circumstance be applicable.

The conference will be held in the UK next year, to bring the courses to secure the small practices and profession. Final negotiations are currently underway. The conference will be as always, an occasion to meet and interrelate with our regulators as well as other legal practitioners and members of the law profession. The day of conference will be a mix of work and fun, covering a wide variety of topics, networking, group discussions, learning and entertainment. We look forward to meeting new and existing members and your families.

I am welcoming you and your fellow members, providing your combined voice to our regulators and welcome your recommendations as to how to progress your association – International Lawyers Association (ILA).