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      International Lawyers Association (ILA)

      International Lawyers Association (ILA) is a not-for-profit leading association and independent body, providing professional support, worldwide training, and regulatory demonstration on behalf of all ILA solicitors in England and Wales and legal professionals in all over the world related to this jurisdiction.

      International Lawyers Association (ILA) is an independent professional body for solicitors and legal professionals. ILA specifically providing legal training to the legal professionals. Company profit or surplus is not being distributed to its members and it is only utilised for company’s objectives. Our vision is to promote, to protect and to support solicitors in the England & Wales, and to promote legal profession, the rule of law and justice in all over the world.

      ILA law firms embody over majority of all solicitor firms in the England and Wales and more than 3000 legal professional members worldwide. Our mission is to promote legal profession and rule of law.


      Mohsin Raza Malik

      Director ILA

      Sajjad Hussain Kayani

      Director ILA

      Safdar Iqbal


      Objectives of International Lawyers Association

      ILA gives you easy access to develop the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career while ensuring compliance. We mainly focus on the following factors to achieve our objectives.

      Fostering links between the legal practitioners of different jurisdictions.

      The purpose behind the objective is to equip the members with information and training to transfer their qualifications from their jurisdictions into the qualification of England & Wales. e.g., SQE and BTT tests etc more

      Be a Part of International Lawyers Association (ILA)

      ILA membership is open now. It’s simple and comes with multifarious benefits particularly discounted continuous professional development course, seminars and events. For international delegates, invitation letters are issued free of charge. We also issue a membership Certificate free of charge.