Objectives of ILA

Objectives of International Lawyers Association (ILA)

ILA gives you easy access to develop the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career while ensuring compliance. We mainly focus on the following factors to achieve our objectives.

  • Fostering links between the legal practitioners of different jurisdictions.

The purpose behind the objective is to equip the members with information and training to transfer their qualifications from their jurisdictions into the qualification of England & Wales. e.g., SQE and BTT tests etc.

  • Promoting the rule of law and speedy justice.

In broader prospect, ILA organises the International and National Conferences /Events to compare the UK legal jurisdiction and the overseas legal jurisdictions to promote the Rule of law and Legal profession in all over the world.

  • Stimulating legal training and high standards of education.

ILA’s specific objective is to provide legal training to the legal professionals in England & Wales and related professionals in all over the world.  ILA provides expert guidelines on the Law Society’s accreditations and legal aid contracts to the sole practitioner solicitors and solicitors’ law firms in the England & Wales. E.g., Lexcel, CQS and LAA.

ILA arrange raining for solicitors to eliminate the risks to secure professional indemnity insurance for solicitors’ sole and recognised body law practices. ILA assist you to keep in place an up-to-date policies and procedures in accordance with Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)’s requirements in your practice.

If you are just thinking of starting-up your own practice, already running your practice or even thinking of selling, merging, or closing your practice, ILA can help you with that.

ILA supports to student members in the UK and overseas to advise on the career. ILA assist you to secure trainee contracts as trainee solicitors and pupilage as the potential barristers.

  1. Voicing against the human rights violations across the globe in tandem with UN Human Rights and ECHR.

International Lawyers Association strongly raise its voice against the violation of human rights in all over the world regardless of the rights of lawyers.

  • Understanding of legal issues

International Lawyers Association is organizing Debate Dinners for legal professionals to make clear understandings on the complex legal issues.

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