What we do

What we do


The international lawyers’ Association is a registered association. ILA pursues the rule of law by inspiring interactions between the legal fraternities through educational seminars, events, conferences to trigger the vital legal community around the world to achieve its goals.


During 2019, the ILA held more than five (5) conferences in the United Kingdom. In September 2019, the association also promoted healthy activities among its members and managed, sponsored and upheld a cricket match between the lawyers’ fraternity and media members at the Clay Hall Cricket ground.

Aims & Objectives

  • Fostering links between the legal practitioners of different jurisdictions.

  • Promoting the rule of law and speedy justice.

  • Stimulating legal training and high standards of education.

  • Voicing against the human rights violations across the globe in tandem with UN Human Rights and ECHR.

  • Understanding of legal issues